Leaders from around the world are calling to leverage the transformative power of the digital age to accelerate progress towards our climate goals. However, no one group can do this alone. Actors from climate, digital innovation, and finance communities must come together to collectively explore opportunities and challenges at the intersection of digital technology and climate governance. Together, these groups can help eliminate existing barriers. They can all play critical roles in embedding and scaling planetary intelligence by building trust, partnerships, and more inclusive systems, and ultimately re-imagining the way society governs climate change. 

Sustainability in the Digital Age (SDA) and the Future Earth Canada Hub, in partnership with ClimateWorks Foundation, are leading the Re-imagining Climate Governance in the Digital Age project to convene these actors through different mediums. Together, we will explore potential leverage points to accelerate and scale impactful digitally-enabled climate action through philanthropic investment. 

This project builds on SDA’s previous work in this space, in particular the Digital Disruptions for Sustainability (D^2S) Agenda

“The ultimate goal of this work is to help grow and foster much-needed relationships and trust between disparate actors at the global nexus of digital innovation and environmental sustainability.”  

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