Future Earth Canada and the newly launched Canadian Association of Professionals in Climate Change (CAPCC) are asking your input on “What do you see as the major issues (e.g. methods, approaches, best practices) that need to be reassessed in the guidelines for GHG emissions quantification and related strategic climate change impact assessment (proposed in the draft technical guide by Environment and Climate Change Canada ECCC)?

We wish to harness this timely opportunity to help address priority issues that will guide projects and investments and potentially alter Canada’s landscape and capacity to achieve our climate-related goals. We believe our collective voice will be stronger for guiding policymaking and for identifying what urgent matters need to be addressed and how they could be addressed. To gather your feedback, we’re using a tool called ThoughtExchange (see how to participate in less than 5 minutes below). All our voices matter, so your participation is crucial, valued and will remain confidential.

How to participate  

  • Click here to contribute to this question on ThoughtExchange by December 2.

You may also use your cellular phone’s camera to scan the QR code below  to access this question.

  • You’ll be asked to respond to the above-mentioned open-ended question, rate some of the ideas shared by others (20 to 30 is ideal), and learn what’s important to the group.
  • Your thoughts and star ratings are confidential. You can come back as often as you’d like to participate and, in fact, we ask that you do come back to star some of the new ideas shared since you first participated. The ratings will help us understand the most important areas to focus on.

Who we are

Launched on November 1st 2021, the Canadian Association of Professionals in Climate Change (CAPCC) will bring together trans-disciplinary climate professionals to enhance the influence, relevance, and value of climate efforts in Canada, push the climate agenda, and accelerate integrated climate action. Unlike other professional associations, which offer homes to specific professions, CAPCC emphasizes the trans-disciplinary nature of climate-related issues and offers a space for active collaboration. More information here.

Future Earth is a global network of scientists, researchers, and innovators collaborating for a more sustainable planet. This global community is spread over a series of networks and governing and advisory bodies. In Canada, Future Earth works on mobilizing the best sustainability science to advance sustainability transformations in Canada and around the world and connecting local projects to Future Earth’s global sustainability initiatives. As such, we are working with the CAPCC through its members, Dr. Eliane Ubalijoro (Director, Future Earth Canada) and Dr. Gordon McBean (Chair of the Board, Future Earth Canada) to help build a strong voice for Canadian climate science in policymaking.