“How can the vast potential of artificial intelligence (AI) enhance natural remedies to help alleviate climate change?”

In this article from Concordia University, Dr. Damon Matthews and Santiago Ramírez Said discuss their ongoing project “A Landscape Analysis of Nature-Based Solutions and its Actors” and their upcoming panel “Unlocking the Power of AI for Nature-based Climate Solutions – An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities.”

The panel will be take place in June for the Global Council for Science and the Environment 2022 Virtual Conference.

“Attendees will learn about the contribution that nature-based climate solutions could make to climate mitigation efforts. They will also be presented with the opportunities and challenges of using machine learning and AI techniques to implement these solutions and monitor their effectiveness.”

We invite you to continue reading on Concordia’s website: https://www.concordia.ca/news/stories/2022/02/25/concordians-consider-how-to-unlock-the-power-of-ai-for-nature-based-climate-solutions.html