Digital Climate Projects Database

Explore our database to see how innovators around the world are using digital technologies for climate action. Find exciting projects to collaborate on or share your own!

The Digital Climate Projects Database was developed under the Re-imagining Climate Governance in the Digital Age Project, led by Sustainability in the Digital Age and Future Earth in partnership with ClimateWorks Foundation. The database aims to 1) increase awareness of global projects using digital tools to strengthen climate action and 2) to increase knowledge sharing and connectivity.


The database collects projects that:

  1. Help reduce the sources or increase the sinks of greenhouse gas emissions; 
  2. Leverage digital tools, and; 
  3. Aim to influence, impact, or inform governmental and non-governmental decision making processes.


This page displays the web version of the Digital Climate Projects Database. For access to the full Google Sheets version (with extra data fields), please fill in the form below.

Project NameDescriptionOperating Regions
Alaska Ocean Observing System (ASOOS)AOOS works with agencies and other organizations to provide coastal and ocean data and information products to the public through collaborative networks and their online Ocean Data Explorer portal. North America
[e]gainUsing a wide range of digital tools, including artificial intelligence, big data analyses, and sensors, [e]gain works to digitize buildings and increase energy savings. Worldwide
#DigitalTransport4AfricaAn online open data source providing information on public transport across Africa to support urban mobility projects and the sustainability of the transport sector. Africa
#REDDChain PlatformThe #REDD-Chain Project (RCP) is a forest management initiative that uses IoT, blockchain and AI to improve monitoring, reporting and facilitate easier accounting of forest carbon storage.Southern America
ABALOBIABALOBI is a digital logbook for small-scale fisheries in the form of a mobile application, where they can record and report their sustainable fishing practices, enabling consumers to track the sustainability of their seafood meals. Africa
ABBABB is equipping regions with smart grids to help increase the use of renewable energies and improve the reliability of energy supply.Africa
ACRE AfricaAcre Africa protects smallholder farmers against vulnerabilities of climate change through technology. We help unlock the full potential of agriculture by eliminating the stress and potential damage of climate variables for farmers across Africa.Africa
Adaptation ClearinghouseAn online database and networking site that serves policymakers and others who are working to help communities adapt to climate changeWorldwide
Advanced Microgrid SolutionsAMS's AI-powered software optimizes the value of renewables, batteries, and asset portfolios for greater and efficient clean energy use. North America, Asia
AFR100 |A country-led effort to bring 100 million hectares of land in Africa into restoration by 2030.Africa
Africa Energy PortalThe Africa Energy Portal database provides data on energy use and access at a regional and national level across Africa. Africa
Africa GeoPortal - powered by EsriThe Africa GeoPortal is an open mapping community, working together to provide data and insights across Africa.Africa
Africa Soil Information ServiceAfrica Soil Information Service leverages satellites and remote sensing technologies to provide data on Africa's soils to help reduce ecological footprints, increase agricultural productivity, and support landscape restoration efforts.Africa
AfriGEO:The African Group on Earth ObservationsAfriGEO is an intergovernmental partnership that focuses on making available earth observation data from both remote sensors and satellites to support policy making and sustainability initiatives across the continent of Africa. Africa
AgriBORALeveraging a wide range of digital tools including remote sensing, AI and machine learning, and mobile platforms, AgriBORA is connecting farmers in Africa to more services, providing financial support, and equipping them with the tools, advice and knowledge for more sustainable agricultural practices that help reduce harvest losses.Africa
Agripath The project “AgriPath – Empowering smallholder farmers’ transition to sustainable agriculture through effective and efficient digital pathways” aims to bring sustainable agriculture to scale. By providing farmers and extension services with tailored digital solutions focused on sustainable agricultural practices, female and male smallholders are supported in increasing their agricultural productivity, income, and climate resilience.Asia, Africa
AgunityAgUnity is empowering smallholder vanilla farmers to receive fair and transparent prices for their crops, while providing buyers with high-quality sustainably-sourced vanilla. Join us in creating a better world for farmers and buyers alikeWorldwide
AIM Innovation HubA platform that connects actors in the Aim for Climate Action network where they can share insights and collaborate on innovations for climate-smart agriculture.Worldwide
AirTrackerAirTracker runs on real-time, trusted scientific models — combining air pollution and weather forecasting data to help users learn more about the air they’re breathing and allow them to see where it’s coming from. . Air Tracker can even allow users to create time-stamped maps to send to local government officials, showing them just how local pollution sources are impacting the air they breathe.North America
AlboUsing satellites and machine learning, Albo maps, measures and monitors carbon sequestration in nature-based projects. Worldwide
Alipay Ant ForestAlipay Ant Forest mobile application encourages citizens to switch to low-carbon activities by recording and converting these actions to virtual green rewards. When accumulated, these points will result in the planting of real trees by Alipay and its partners. Using satellite imagery, Alipay allows its users to monitor the growth of these trees.Asia
Alliance Bioversity International - CIATThe Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT has invested deeply in the development of science-based tools and innovations. For example, their AgLED Platform is an open-access resource to inform and inspire new strategies for agricultural development that limit and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while Terra-i is a near-real time monitoring system for natural vegetation conversion that uses satellite data and computational neural networks to detect anthropogenic changes in the vegetation cover. Africa, Americas, Asia
Allinfra ClimateAllinfra Climate leverages blockchain technology to gather and store verifiable and auditable climate data related to a business's assets to help prove their ESG reporting and performance.Worldwide
Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard The Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard is an online open-data platform to track progress, provide accountability and ensure transparency on Hawai‘i’s sustainability goals.North America
Amazon ConservationAmazon Conservation unites science, innovation, and people to protect the greatest forest on Earth, by empowering local people, protecting wild places, and putting science and technology to work.South America
Amazon Conservation Team ACT trains indigenous and Maroon community members who carry out environmental monitoring in the forest surrounding their villages. We construct and support stations where the ACRs can track biodiversity, environmental pressures, and water quality with the latest tools and satellite imagery. This data helps the communities act quickly when crises arise, such as incursions by illegal miners, and informs decisions on territorial management.South America
Amazon FrontlinesAmazon Frontlines leverages drones, satellite imagery, and other mapping tools to monitor forests and illegal land invasions in the Amazon. It helps provide communities and forest protectors with the necessary information to enact action, resolve issues, and enhance protection of their lands. South America
AMIGOAmigoClimate is a ready to use SaaS for monitoring, assessing and forecasting climate related risksthat enable clients to assess their vulnerability and exposure to climate change. They analyze climate data by using groundbreaking data-science approaches and state-of-the-art AI methodologiesEurope
ampleAmple uses AI & machine learning to optimize the consumption of renewable energy by modelling energy availability and energy consumption of buildings.Asia and Oceania
AmpotechAmpotech is an energy technology company based in Singapore that develops internet of things (IoT) hardware and AI-enabled software to help businesses collect, analyse, and integrate building and machine electricity usage data for sustainability reporting, benchmarking, automation, and facilities management.Asia
Arnowa Arnowa supports effeciency improvements across diverse sectors by leveraging AI and ML algorithms and sensors to support data-driven decision making and optimization. For example, they enable monitoring of climate conditions and crop management to help move towards smart agricultural practices. Oceania, Asia
Asia Air Survey (AAS)Development of forest monitoring mechanism using remote sensing techniques AAS has supported various countries in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Africa in the development/enhancement of forest measurement and monitoring capacity for REDD+ and sustainable forest management. Asia
Asner LabAsner Lab uses state-of-the-art remote sensing capabilities and extensive fieldwork, tied together with innovative spatial artificial intelligence techniques, to make fundamental discoveries and inform conservation around the globe.North America
AutoGridAutoGrid's AI algorithms process data from smart meters and weather data to enable utilities and customers to sustainably manage distributed energy sources and shift non-essential electricity use to non-peak times. North America, Asia
AVANGRIDAvangrid provides customers with an energy use platform to help increase energy use efficiency.North America
aWhereaWhere leverages satellite data and other big data to provide agricultural intelligence (weather and agronomics data) to farmers, traders, buyers and policy makers to help make more informed decisions within the agricultural sector North America, Africa & Asia
BaotreeAn online data collection tool to simplify monitoring, evaluation and reporting of sustainability projects. Africa
BEAD DigitalBEAD digitally models buildings by using data, AI, IoT, and digital twins to assess occupancy patterns of buildings and help improve energy efficiencies.Europe, North America
BeringarLeveraging AI and sensors, Beringar helps clients reduce their carbon footprint within buildings by assesing greenhouse gas production per occpuant and increasing building space efficiency. Europe
BFLOBFLO leverages blockchain technologies and decentralized data platforms to support businesses to report and receive third party validation on ESG and SDG metrics as well as help then make informed decisions to improve their ESG and climate performance. North America
BidgelyThrough AI powered technologies, Bidgely provides consumers with detailed analyses of their energy consumption to advise on future planning and energy saving opportunities. North America
BIOPAMAThe Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme assists the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries to address their priorities for improved management and governance of biodiversity and natural resources by providing a variety of tools, services and funding to conservation actors. For example, the Reference Information System is a tool that gathers in one place the information from the many knowledge products, projects, databases on protected areas, species and related information, in addition to the data uploaded, created and generated by the users themselvesAfrican, Caribbean and Pacific
Bitcliq Technologies – Bitcliq Technologies Bitcliq creates solutions to improve the operational efficiency and traceability of industrial fishing fleets and processors in Africa, Asia, USA and Europe.Worldwide
Blockchain for Climate Foundation Blockchain for Climate Foundation's aim is to put the Paris Agreement on blockchain by combining national accounting of emissions with a ledger recording international transfer of emissions reductions thus enabling transparency and accountability.Worldwide
Blok-ZBlok-Z leverages blockchain technology to digitize the transformation of the energy industry by assisting consumers and energy providers in their operations to increase efficiencies, utilize renewables, and reduce consumption. Europe
BluefieldBluefield applies AI and machine learning techniques to analyze data from ground sensors, government, and other independent sources to provide independent ESG data (such as methane emissions) on 4 million assets and 120,000 companies in over 130 countries.Worldwide
BluWave-aiBluWave-ai leverages AI to optimize energy grids and renewable energy generation.Worldwide
Brooklyn Microgrid ProjectBrooklyn Microgrid Project is a blockchain enabled platform that allows local communities to sell and buy renewable energy.North America
Building TransparencyBuilding Transparency's Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) aims to reduce emissions in the construction sector by allowing the benchmarking and assessment of embodied carbon in the procurement of construction materials to help identify supply chains with lower carbon footprints. Worldwide
BVRio - Responsible Timber ExchangeBVRio is a blockchain-enabled market to trade sustainable timber.South America
CadastaUsing mobile applications and web-based tools, Cadasta empowers communities to collect, upload, and analyze data that helps them secure land rights, protect their lands, and help make informed decisions. South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania
Cambisol Leverages digital tools such as drones and satellite imagery to provide sustainable land management servicesLatin America, Africa, Europe
Carbon BlockCarbon Block, buillt on blockchain technology, automates the verification and accounting of carbon in offset projects to increase the availability of carbon credits for global markets. Worldwide
Carbon Direct Reduce, remove, and monitor your carbon emissions with Carbon Direct’s science-backed carbon management platform.North America
Carbon Grid ProtocolCarbon Grid Protocol enables blockchain networks to access carbon footprints and offset them by providing access to transparent carbon credits.Worldwide
Carbon Intensity APICarbon Intensity API uses machine learning and power system modelling to forecast and estimate carbon intensity of the energy supply in the United KingdomEurope
Carbon MapperCarbon Mapper, Inc. mission is to accelerate local climate action globally by locating, quantifying and tracking methane leaks and CO2 point-source emissions data.North America
Carbon Trade ExchangeCTX is an online electronic spot eXchange allowing buyers and sellers to trade cash for carbon offsets (or credits) in real time. We welcome any registered company that wishes to buy or sell carbon offsets registered under the Gold Standard, VERRA or United Nations CDM.Worldwide
CarbonaraCarbonara by Singularity is a carbon intelligence platform that leverages machine learning to provide detailed grid carbon data, predict changes in the grid, and analyze and identify measures to optimize energy usage in order to reduce emissions and move you closer to your targets. North America
CarbonChainThe CarbonChain is an online data platform with emissions data on a wide range of commodities, helping companies in the extractive industries to track the carbon emissions of their supply chains.Worldwide
CarbonPlanWe build open tools and resources to surface critical dimensions of climate solutions with interactive data and visuals, and we contribute to high-leverage open science and open source ecosystems..North America
CarbonSimCarbonSim is an online AI powered simulation of a carbon market. The simulation acts as a learning platform, for stakeholders to study the principles of emissions trading and gain risk-free experiences.Worldwide
CarbonXCarbonX is a personal carbon trading platform that invests in climate mitigation projects by converting carbon offsets into tradable tokens in a blockchain that can be sold to consumers to help offset their emissions. North America
Caribbean Weather Impacts GroupThe online weather portal provides climate data and projections for the Carribean region to help institutions and climate scientists assess future impacts of climate change in the region. North America
CariGreen – A Green Future Starts TodayA portal that provides information on available opportunities, financing, planning, energy markets and technology developments within the clean energy space for the Caribbean region.South America
Catalpa- Monitoring protected areas in Papua New GuineaThe project leverages low tech solutions such as mobile phone applications to help local communities report threats or changes to protected areas by allowing users to record GPS coordinates, upload images, and other information.Oceania
CedarCoinCedar Coin is a digital token supported by blockchain technology used to finance reforestation efforts in Lebanon.Europe
CervestUsing AI, Cervest analyses and provides entreprises with data on climate intelligence, including climate risks, enabling them to adapt and decarbonize for a more sustainable future. Europe
CGIARCGIAR's digital climate smart agriculture project aims to provide advisory messages to farmers and increase data availability via digital tools to strengthen sustainable agriculture practices.South America
Chesapeake ConservancyChesapeake Conservancy leverages deep learning, advanced spatial data analysis and web-based platforms to prioritize conservation best management practices in the Chesapeake Bay to ensure maximized ecosystem services and have the greatest impactNorth America
CHOOOSEThe CHOOOSE platform provides tools for integrating climate action into any customer experience through automated emissions calculations, dynamic sustainability scores, climate program reporting, and a vetted marketplace of carbon removals, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and offsets.Worldwide
CityzenithCityzenith leverages digital twin technologies to model and optimize energy efficiency at building and city scales. North America, Europe, Aisa
CLASlite, managed by i-cultiverUsing an automated system, CLASlite converts satellite imagery into detailed maps to provide high resolution agriculture and forest land monitoring. Worldwide
CLASPCLASP provides free digital online tools to calculate the impact of different national carbon reduction policies for appliances and equipment, in order to help prioritize the most impactful policies. It also presents digital databases that compare verified performances of solar powered appliances to help increase demand and usage.North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa
ClearTraceUsing sensors and other connected devices, ClearTrace collects and converts energy production and consumption data of enterprises into acccountable and verifiable data that can be accessed on their online platform. This data helps companies collect, measure, and report ESG metrics to improve their sustainability performance.Worldwide
CliMABy leveraging machine learning and high resolution data, CliMA is building an earth system model to help increase accuracies in predictions of climate related disasters, including droughts, heat waves etc. This increased level of accuracy will help decision makers better mitigate or prepare for up-coming environmental challenges.Worldwide
Climate Action EngineThe Climate Action Engine (CAE) is an online data platform which leverages IoT and satellite technology to provide real-time emissions data on oil and gas producers. Worldwide
Climate Action TrackerCAT quantifies and evaluates climate change mitigation targets, policies and action. It also aggregates country action to the global level, determining likely temperature increases during the 21st century using the MAGICC climate model. CAT further develops sectoral analysis to illustrate required pathways for meeting the global temperature goals.Worldwide
Climate Atlas of CanadaThe Climate Atlas of Canada is an interactive tool for citizens, researchers, businesses, and community and political leaders to learn about climate change in Canada. It combines climate science, mapping, videography, and storytelling to bring the global issue of climate change closer to home, and is designed to inspire local, regional, and national action and solutions.North America
Climate CentralClimate Central provides a series of interactive risk scenario maps to help see the various impacts of climate change, including sea level rise and coastal flooding, extreme weather and weather attribution, global warming and local temperature trends, in the United States. North America
Climate Data GuideThe Climate Data Guide is a platform that provides information on observational datasets, tools and methods to evaluate the Earth and climate system. Worldwide
Climate EdgeUsing mobile services and a digital platform, Climate Edge connects small-scale farmers with global experts and field agents to help monitor metrics and provide guidance on sustainable agriculture practices in local languages. Africa & Europe
Climate FieldviewClimate Fieldview is a data platform that leverages IoT to collect, store and visualize data to enable farmers to practice precision farming.North America, Europe, South America, and Africa
Climate Initiatives PlatformThe Climate Initiatives Platform (CIP) is being hosted by UN Environment and the UNEP DTU Partnership, through a project funded by the Nordic Council of ministers, and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The platform contains a comprehensive collection of information on international climate initiatives (ICIs). Those intiatives were primarily launched by so-called non-state actors. Worldwide
Climate Policy RadarUsing machine learning and natural language processing, Climate Policy Radar is developing an analysis of the climate policy global landscape to equip decision makers with the evidence needed to transition to low-carbon economies. Worldwide
Climate Smart Tech - Climate Smart AgricultureClimate Smart Technologies leverages a wide range of digital tools including, sensors, artificial intelligence and mobile applications, to collect and analyze data that can help famers implement climate smart agricultural practices. Asia
Climate TRACEClimate Trace is building a tool that will use AI & machine learning, satellite imagery, and other remote sensing technologies to monitor worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, track anthropogenic emissions to specific sources in real-time, and make this information publicly available.Worldwide
Climate WarehouseClimate Warehouse is a World Bank initiative that uses blockchain to explore a decentralized information technology approach to connect climate markets systems.North America, South America, Asia, Europe
Climate WatchClimate Watch is an online data platform compiling different sets of climate data, visualization, and other resoucres, to help nations understand progress towards their climate goals. Worldwide
ClimateAiThe ClimateLens platform combines AI, advanced machine learning, and data points from multiple sources to generate actionable insights. The technology helps businesses and governments to adapt their operations and supply chains, as well as to identify opportunities, such as new locations for climate-smart expansion or increased demand for weather-dependent goods.Global
ClimateCHECKBy leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and online platforms, ClimateCHECK develops and manages monitoring, reporting, and verification solutions and provides online collaboration opportunities for organizations and networks to advance their carbon emission reduction projects.Worldwide
ClimateORBClimateORB applies blockchain, sensors, and IoT to enhance air quality solutions and also tracks and records environmental data to support climate action initiatives.North America, Asia
ClimatescopeClimatescope is an online interactive report and analysis tool that allows users to evaluate and compare the conditions or readiness for low-carbon investments across different sectors and countries. South America, Europe
ClimatetradeClimatetrade uses blockchain technology to provide companies with emission offsetting services.Worldwide
ClimateViewClimateView leverages artificial intelligence to provide a framework to support cities plan, understand, and visualize the shifts needed for climate mitigation action.Asia
Cloud Agronomics (AI for Earth)Leveraging AI, cloud computing, and hyper-spectral imaging technology, Cloud Agronomics, provides farmers with high quality data to support precision farming practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Worldwide
CloverlyCloverly is an API for carbon offsets that uses AI & ML technology to help businesses, organizations, and individuals become carbon neutral or even carbon negative.Worldwide
CLUES by Carbon LighthouseCLUES leverages AI to analyze and identify the best opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within buildings and maximise the return on investment. North America
Coastal Resilience Coastal Resilience is a global network of practitioners who are applying an approach and web-based mapping tool designed to help communities understand their vulnerability from coastal hazards, reduce their risk and determine the value of nature-based solutions.Global
CodeCarbonCodeCarbon provides a digital platform to helps the AI community to assess the carbon intensity of their computing requirements and presents alternate geographical regions with lower carbon intensity for large cloud providers. North America
Colombo Urban Wetlands This project develops a mechanism for aligning community wetland practices and monitoring with government policies. This includes the use of a mobile app by communities to monitor and record biodiversity. Asia
Connected MangrovesThe project, in partnership with Ericsson, leverages sensors and mobile services to collect data to help growers understand the current status of their mangrove saplings, identify threats, and support their sustainable management. Asia
Cool EarthCool Earth's forest monitoring initiative leverages satellites and other tools to monitor forests and detect deforestation in real-time. Communities are then alerted to in order to catalyse action. South America, Africa
CoolClimate NetworkCoolClimate provides smart decision-making tools and programs to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. The Consumption-Based Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Policy Tool can help cities better understand priorities to reduce GHGs from a comprehensive, consumption-based perspective, with potential application to the full United States and internationally.North America
Copernicus Climate Change ServiceCorpernicus is an online free and open access data portal that provides data on climate change and impacts on a wide range of sectors in Europe to support decision making in governments and commerical sectors. Europe
Creol.ioCreol uses IoT systems, blockchain, and sensors to track, control, and reduce energy usage in commercial buildings. Emissions reduced are then converted to verified carbon tokenized units which can be sold to clients. Worldwide
Cybertracker OnlineCybertracker is a community citizen science online tool that allows Indigenous Communities to monitor and track environmental indicators such as biodiversity in protected ecosystems. The app is also be used to to collect data to strengthen economic local development, disaster response and to report ecosystem risks such as wildfire, deforestation and other human interference.Worldwide
Blockchain technology used to help store data and manage environmental assests and liabilities for carbon market institutions and registries.Worldwide
Data Cooperative, SUBAKSubak's Data Cooperative is aiming break data silos and establish an online network of connected climate data to support climate action by non-profits. Worldwide
DeepMind Google Partnership for Wind Energy OptimizationThrough machine learning and historical turbine data, this partnership is predicting wind power capacity in turbines to optimize renewable energy usage.North America, South America
Dendra Systems Leveraging artificial intelligence and drones, Dendra Systems increases the efficiency and accuracy of aerial planting for reforestation and landscape restoration.Worldwide
Destination Earth (DestinE)DestinE's objective is to build a high precision digital model of the Earth system to help monitor ecosystems and simulate future scenarios to strengthen policy making and sustainable development. The program will leverage artificial intelligence, digital twin technology, among other tools to develop their digital platform. Europe
Deutsche Telekom Smart BinThrough the use of remote sensors and IoT, the Deutsche Telekom Smart Bins increase efficiencies of utility companies by enabling dynamic routing and reducing logistic costs by up to 40%, hence reducing CO2 emissions. Europe
Digital Earth AfricaUsing satellite imagery, the Digital Earth Africa platform will provide historical data over a wide range of geographical features and environmental issues to help decision makers address key challenges within the continent of Africa. Africa
Digital Earth AfricaThe Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) Map is a website for map-based interaction with DE Africa products and services. Through the Map we aim to provide users with the tools to explore our data and products and visualise the African continent with satellite images to understand its geographic diversity and how it changes through time.Africa
Digital Earth Australia Digital Earth Australia (DEA) is a platform that uses spatial data and images recorded by satellites orbiting our planet to detect physical changes across Australia in unprecedented detail.Australia
Digital Green FarmStackVia mobile applications, Digital Green promotes data sharing between agricultural stakeholders, including farmers, experts, buyers etc, to increase productivity, reduce harvest losses, better preserve natural resources and maximise profits to farmers. Farmstack, their latest application, helps build trust by reimagining data sharing and allowing farmers and other actors to control how their data is shared. Asia, Africa
Digital XA collection of digital solutions across the globe to increase awareness of existing solutions and enhance collaboration across borders.Worldwide
Do4africa A database of digiatl innovation projects in Africa Africa
DRI Initiative - Open Cities AfricaTo engage communities in the creation of accurate and timely data about the rapidly evolving urban and rural environments where they live, OpenDRI works with governments and local communities to utilize simple, collaborative, crowdsourced mapping tools such smartphones or tablets or drones for the collection of high resolution imagery.Africa
Earth LedgerEarth Ledger is a registry and platform of sustainability challenges and projects that allows verified actors to collaborate and implement solutions. They adopt blockchain technologies to distribute resources based on network consensus voting and enable accountability for smart contracts. Worldwide
Earth TokenA cryptocurrency focused on tackling environmental issues. The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and Earth Token cryptocurrency creates a Natural Asset Marketplace that allows all stakeholders in the climate value chain to participate. Worldwide
EartheumA decentralized platform, powered by blockchain technology, for accounting carbon emissions. Worldwide
EarthRanger by Allen Institute for AIEarthRanger is a software solution that aids protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists in making more informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation. EarthRanger collects, integrates, and displays all historical and available remote sensing data available and combines it with reports from the field to provide one unified view of collared wildlife, rangers, enforcement assets, and infrastructure within a protected area.Global
ECO coinECO coins are a cryptocurrency that can be earned through sustainable actions and can be redeemed for product, services, or experiences. Europe
EcoMatcherEcoMatcher helps companies through smart tree planting to become visibly more sustainable, address CSR, attain talents and improve the bottom line and at the same time, address deforestation and unsustainable farming.Worldwide
EcometricaThrough their Forests 2020 program, Ecometrica uses satellite imagery to provide near real time data on deforestation to catalyse forest alerts to detect logging and better land management practices. They also analyse the data to provide information on potential restoration areas within landscapes to support national reforestation and landscape restoration plans. Africa & Europe
EcoRegistryEcoRegistry is a blockchain based carbon market platform to help increase traceability and realiability of carbon credits.Southern America
edp group | edp.comProducers of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro), leveraging digital innovations to increase efficiencyWorldwide
eencompassAn online beta application meticulously crafted to gather and furnish a comprehensive repository for monitoring and rectifying environmental concerns. It is underpinned by the fundamental premise of assisting various industries in transitioning from a reactive modus operandi to proactive methodologies.North America
electrictyMAPelectricityMAP's open data visualization platform provides data on hourly electricity production, consumption, and associated carbon intensity across 100 countries to help assess the impact on climate. North & South America, Europe, Asia & Oceania
Element AIElement AI leverages its AI technology to run energy-efficient manufacturing processes by predicting fluctuations in the industrial processes.Worldwide
ENACT Systems​The Enact software platform is designed to transform and accelerate the implementation of clean energy globally. Enact is the only two- sided platform that allows customers- both homes and businesses- to simplify their entire solar and energy storage purchase, designed on Enact and delivered by local solar professionals.North America
Encinitas Climate DashboardEncinitas City's online climate dashboard allows citizens and the general public to view the city's progress towards its Climate Action Plan North America
Energy Blockchain Labs Inc.An IBM blockchain technology platform that allows companies to monitor their carbon footprints and buy credit from low emitting companies.Asia
EnMAPEnMAP leverages satellite imagery to monitor and measure processes within our ecosystems to help determine their statuses and support their sustainable management.Worldwide
Environmental Insights ExplorerThe Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) leverages google mapping and machine learning to help cities identify and strategize plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.Worldwide
EOS Data AnalyticsMaking agriculture easy with space technologies- Аt EOSDA, we make a change, fusing space technologies with human determination for sustainability on Earth. Our focus is GIS precision farming as the shared strategy to save time and resources, cut costs and losses, make profit and an impact - keep the pace of change. Utilizing our ag solutions you will always be a step ahead.Worldwide
EP&T GlobalEP&T uses IoT sensors to generate datasets on commercial building performance and applies machine learning to identify changes that clients can adopt to increase water and energy usage efficiencies. Worldwide
EquigyEquigy is a crowd balancing energy platform. It helps balance the fluctuations of energy supply and demand by allowing consumers to participate via flexible energy storage devices such as batteries, electric cars, to store more energy when energy supply is high. These energy transactions are recorded and stored using smart sensors and blockchain technologies. Europe
EsokoEsoko connects over 1 million farmers to essential services – weather forecasts, agronomic advice, market linkages and insurance coverage over a range of channels including SMS, voice SMS and call centre. Various research finds such services can improve incomes for farmers by roughly 10%.Africa
EW ZeroEW Zero provides a single digital entry point for renewable energy buyers by using blockchain technology allowing for a digital, open-source, global market hub.Worldwide
exci exci uses AI, satellite data and ground-based cameras to detect forest fires and issue reports immediately to the relevant users. Australia
ExergenicsBy leveraging artificial intelligence, digital twin technologies and analyzing building data, Exergenics identifies measures and steps that can be taken to optimize a building's chilled water plant's operations and reduce energy usage. Oceania
FairfoodWe enable product traceability from verified smallholder farmers, so businesses can support sustainability claims with robust data.Worldwide
FairVenturesFairventures Social Forestry’s community agroforestry project adopts drone and cloud-based technologies to identify degraded spaces for agroforestry and to detect fire and deforestation risks. Through this, the project aims to reduce investment risks and improve the business model for community building and landscape restoration. Asia
FarmRiseA mobile application to provide farmers with information on market and weather forecasts and advice to help reduce harvest losses and promote sustainable agricultural practices.Asia is simplifying AI and digital twins and making it easy for businesses and individuals to apply and adopt them at different scales to help solve complex data challenges and increase efficiencies across different operations. Europe
FishcoinTo address the fragmentation of most seafood supply chains Fishcoin has been designed as a peer-to-peer network that allows independent industry stakeholders to harness the power of blockchain using a shared protocol so that data can be trusted, transparent, and secure.Asia
FlexiDAOFlexiDAO is a renewable energy monitoring software that leverages blockchain to provide companies with accurate and transparent hourly energy supply and consumption data. The information allows companies to monitor and measure progress towards decarbonization. Europe
Flock FreightFlock Freight leverages its cloud-based computing technology to identify opportunities to combine different shipments going in the same route into one shared truckload to help reduce emissions in deliveries and shipments.North America
Forest Alert Service by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar MasThe Forest Alert Service uses the spaceborne RADARSAT-2 radar imaging sensor to track disturbances in forest cover of conservation areas as they happen over time. The system can penetrate cloud cover and is able to detect even subtle changes in activity, in areas as small as 0.5 hectares. Alerts are delivered to APP within 3 working days after each acquisition to indicate areas where damage to forests may have occurredAsia
Forest CarbonForest Carbon employs a range of sensors, running on Internet of Things (IoT) protocols to monitor water table levels for peatland ecosystems.Asia
Forest LegalityThe Forest Legality Initiative works with governments, the private sector and civil society to reduce illegal logging and associated trade.The Initiative provides tools and resources to improve transparency and accountability in forest-related supply chains, and informs policy and purchasing decisions through data and analysis. The Open Timber Portal (OTP) is a web platform that promotes compliance with legal requirements in timber harvest and trade. It seeks to bring transparency to timber operations and improve access to country-specific information about forest management and harvesting, while increasing the effectiveness of regulations on illegal logging.Africa
ForestLinkThe ForestLink is an easy to use real-time forest monitoring system. The mobile application allows community leaders to send illegal deforestation alerts and evidence via satellite connections to NGOs and government officials to help them take legal action. South America and Africa
Forests 2020Through the use of satellite to enhance forest monitoring, Forests 2020 support the protection of forests across different nations. South America, Africa and Asia
ForlandForland is a tool for real-time visualisation of a territory, allowing for assessment of present resources, test of scenarios and collection of detailed soil change analysis. A global tool, locally implemented. There platforms include updated maps of deforestation (updated every 12 days) and urban expansion maps that considers natural resources, accessbility and present infrastructures to calculate impacts of urbanisation. Africa, Latin America
ForlianceForliance leverages digital technologies such as AI and remote sensing in the monitoring and communication of ther nature-based climate projects to help companies and investors have increased tranparencies in their projects. Asia, South America, Africa
Fujitsu GlobalLeveraging digital tools to increase reliability of energy supply and reduce energy losses Worldwide
Fund The PlanetFund the Planet is a blockchain project offering a new paradigm to save rainforests. NFTs for a flourishing Nature.South America
GainForest (AI for Earth)Leveraging remote sensing, satellites, and artificial intelligence, GainForest allows forest restoration work to be monitored, verified, and valued. Through the use of blockchain technology, GainForest allows the transaction of of these rewards for restoration work. South America
GCash ForestGCash Forest is a feature of the GCash app that helps users earn energy points through low-carbon activities which can lead to the planting and nuturing of native trees in the Philipines, contributing to reforestation efforts across the nation. Asia
GE DigitalLeveraging digital tools such as artificial intelligence and digital twins, GE digital provides data to increase efficiencies and move towards decarbonization across different industries.Worldwide
GEM by Blue Ventures Harnessing digital technology and cloud data analytics to map and monitor mangrove change and accelerate community-led blue carbon projects.Africa, Asia, Europe
Gender Climate Tracker (GCT)The GCT provides easy, on-the-go access to key statistics, policies, and research related to gender and climate for the community of advocates, practitioners, and decision-makers who recognize the interlinkages between gender and climate change, as well as tracks implementation of gender-climate action under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).Worldwide
geogeo is an integrated home management system that leverages machine learning and sensors to analyze data and automate energy saving changes to utilities within a household. Europe
GeoAsset Project - The Spatial Finance InitiativeGeoAsset use AI, sensors, and satellites to collect, verify, and distribute asset-level data to companies to support spatial planning and financing. Worldwide
GeoFinancial Analytics - Methane ScanThe Methane Scan leverages remote sensing tools and blockchain technology to rate and store methane emissions data from the top 100 energy producers in the world. Worldwide
geoFootprintgeoFootprint leverages satellite data and other environmental data to visualize the environmental footprints of key commodity crops to help reduce impact and increase sustainability of supply chains. Worldwide
Geospatial Forestry Platform Geospatial Forestry Platform - Precision Forestry. Online forestry monitoring platform & dashboard to enhance forestry management decisions.Africa
GHGSatGHGSat leverages satellite imagery to monitor and detect methane gas leaks across operations of oil, gas, and coal companies.Worldwide
Global Conservation Global Conservation's work at the Jardines de la Reina national park in Cuba leverages diverse tools to help monitor the park, including drone technology for aerial monitoring, for a small fraction of the cost of a single flight using traditional manned surveillance aircraft. Conservation drones are equipped with the same capabilities of their military-class surveillance counterparts, at a far lower price point.North America
Global Fishing WatchLeveraging AI & machine learning to analyze big data and satellite imagery, the Global Fishing Watch is developing an open-access data visualization platform to track, monitor, and assess impacts of ocean fishing vessels worldwide. Worldwide
Global Forest WatchGlobal Forest Watch (GFW) is an online platform that provides data and tools for monitoring forests and providing real-time information on forests worldwide.Worldwide
Global Land Analysis & DiscoveryThe Global Land Analysis and Discovery (GLAD) uses satellite imagery to investigate methods, causes, and impacts of global land surface change.America( USA)
Global Mangrove TrustThe Global Mangrove Trust enables businesses and individuals to offset emissions and footprints by allowing them to transfer payments towards mangrove restoration projects, using blockchain technology to increase transparency .Asia
Global Wetlands MapThe Global Wetlands Map leverages satellite imagery and data to develop maps on tropical wetlands across the world. Worldwide
GMIBS ProjectResearch and development of an "early warning system linked to civilian defense protection systems". To be deployed by small cities, towns, and villages. To assist at-risk communities, that want to stay in place during climate and environmental changes taking place around them.Worldwide
Google Earth EngineGoogle Earth Engine uses satellite imagery, geospatial datasets and planetary-scale analysis to help users( sceitistists, researchers, and developers) to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on Earth’s surface.Worldwide
Grameen Foundation's mobile services: FarmGrow, FarmerLink, TaroWorks We put hyper-localized, data-driven information in the hands of local agronomists and farmers to help them make and keep to 7-year plans to improve their crop yields. These texts, voice messages, and specialized call-in radio shows let them know about upcoming severe weather, or what to do to prevent pest infestation. Others link them to digital farm development loans tailored to their growing and lean seasons to make repayment easier.Worldwide
greehillgreenhill provides an integrated digital solution to help cities understand what is happening in each street and park in their urban forest, so they can focus their resources on maintaining safe and healthy urban trees and communities.For example, greehill MAPLE enables tree care specialists to map, monitor and analyze individual trees and entire urban forests through precise data, images, and integrated management tools.North America, Europe, Asia
Green Horizons (IBM)Leveraging artificial intelligence and remote sensing, IBM's Green Horizons predicts air pollution levels 72 hours in advance to allow China's capital to plan accordingly to reduce pollutants as well as warn citizens.Asia
GreenChainGreenChain leverage blockchain technologies to support decentralized, transparent, and open environmental certification processes for businesses. Worldwide
GreenPowerMonitorGreenPower Monitor provides real-time monitoring of renewable energy plants on their GPM Portal making it easier for Plant managers to manage their renewable energy production. Global
GreenTradeChanging the way carbon projects are funded by utilizing Blockchain to provide massive liquidity for the Voluntary Carbon Market and create a sustainable impactWorldwide
greenventoryGreenventory leverages artificial intelligence, satellite imagery, and remote sensing to improve grid planning, create energy concepts, and optimize the CO2 footprint of energy systems.Europe
Gro IntelligenceLeveraging AI, Gro Intelligence analyzes the inter-relationships between the environment and the economy to help businesses operate more sustainably and reduce climate risk, e.g identifying more sustainable and resilient supply chains.North America, Africa & Asia
Ground ControlGround Control leverages a wide range of digital tools to support work in diverse industries, including agriculture, forestry and enviornmental monitoring. For exampe, satellite-based IoT are used to monitor and manage soil conditions and crop health or live track livestock. North America, Europe
HCSALarge-scale landscape level mapping initiatives are being conducted by HCSA members and partners in key tropical regions to identify and conserve high carbon stock rainforests. They combine new spaceborne LIDAR satellite imagery with calibrated regional carbon biomass data to produce large-scale indicative maps that are highly automated and objective. Asia
HeliogenHeliogen is a renewable energy technology company focused on eliminating the need for fossil fuels in heavy industry and powering a sustainable future. The company’s AI-enabled, modular concentrated solar technology aims to cost-effectively deliver near 24/7 carbon-free energy in the form of heat, power, or green hydrogen fuel at scale – for the first time in history.North America
hiveonlineOur mobile-based digital solutions bring trusted data and relationships to rural communities in savings groups and cooperatives, facilitating their access to financial services, agricultural inputs, and market buyers.Africa
Home - Bowery FarmingThe Bowery leverages AI and sensors to increase efficiency of their indoor farms. It works by collecting billions of data points through an extensive network of sensors and cameras that feed into proprietary machine-learning algorithms that are interpreted by the BoweryOS in real time to help create the perfect growing conditions. They provide 100x more produce per square foot of land than traditional farms with the same footprint—with 100% renewable energy and 90% less water.North America
Huatacondo MicrogridA community managed smart grid in the Andes Mountains that forcasts and switches to renewable energy when available, reducing consuption of diesel by 50% for the region. South America
HUB de EnergíaThe HUB compiles the most relevant and up-to-date energy indicators to be used in decision-making by the different actors in the region.Southern America
Hubgrade by VeoliaHubgrade is the Group's digital solution used to monitor, assess and optimize energy, water and waste resources in real time. Combining human and digital expertise, Hubgrade provides users with secure, personalized and transparent access to data relating to their contracts and facilities, as well as optimizing their service operations. This tool improves energy management with up to 15% savings on energy bills.Worldwide
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team HOT is an international team dedicated to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping. We work together to provide map data which revolutionises disaster management, reduces risks, and contributes to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.Asia, South America, Africa
i-EMi-EM utilizes a wide range of digital tools, including drones, satellites, and AI to increase efficiencies in renewable energy production.Worldwide
ICPACICPAC is a Climate Center accredited by the World Meteorological Organization that provides Climate Services to 11 East African Countries. As part of their services, they provide earth observation maps on productive croplands and a wide range of hazards, including climate Africa
Illegal Deforestation and Associated Trade (IDAT) Risk Interactive MapForest Trend's IDAT interactive map that provides 1)Timber Legality Risk Country Dashboards or summaries of publicly available information sources that speak to the risks associated with timber entering international supply chains and ii) llegal Logging and Associated Trade Risk Data Tool (ILAT Risk Data Tool) for timber, pulp, and paper products, Worldwide
Inclusive CarbonThe Inclusive Carbon Standard (ICS) is a next-generation standard focusing on transparency and accountability of carbon projects. ICS makes use of drone and LIDAR technology to measure tree biomass, as well as the use of Internet of Things (IoT) services that can plug into solar renewables, which capture and send data to a platform.Africa
Indicators of Planet EarthIt's a user-friendly portal/gateway which is bundled with multi Earth observations in which the visualizations are categorized in form of Earth Indicators, Natural Hazards, Environmental Threats, Ecosystem Health and Monitoring Climate.Worldwide
InfoNile We create interactive, actionable maps on issues of water and environment, and we “map” our stories onto these maps to provide a human layer to the data.Africa
Intelligent Communities LifecycleICL leverages AI and digital twins to model and develop technologies that help minimize energy consumption within buildings and move towards zero-carbon targets. Worldwide
International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO)To support data-driven methane mitigation measures and monitor the Global Methane Pledge, the IMEO is developing a global database of verified methane emissions by bringing together different data sources, including satellite imagery data. Europe, Africa, Asia, & North & South America
Internet of TreesUsing sensors, Internet of Trees is a monitoring tool for forest fire prevention in Honduras. South America
IoT Africa Networks Limited ​IoT Africa’s objective is to enable the Internet of Things in Nigeria by providing connectivity for IoT devices to the internet to help monitor different sectors (e.g agriculture, energy, smart cities) and increase efficiency through data-driven decision making Africa
IoT-enabled Real-time Energy Analytics Platform (i-REAP) for commercial buildings projects at Big-DEAL UWE BristolUsing IoT and sensors, the Big-DEAL projects aim to increase efficiencies within buildings to reduce carbon emissions.Europe
JengalabA database to connect innovators and organizations from different geographies to experiment and implement digitally enabled sustainable solutions Africa
KrackenFlexKraken Flex is a cloud-based platform that uses machine learning and AI to more efficiently manage distributed energy assets to match supply and demand. Worldwide
Land & Carbon LabLand & Carbon Lab is a collaborative effort to build an open source global monitoring system to track land cover, land use, land use and carbon flow. The initiative will also analyze this data to provide insights on land use changes.Worldwide
LandMarkLandMark is an interactive online platform that provides maps and information on the lands held by Indigenous Peoples and local communities, to help them secure land rights and protect their territories. Worldwide
Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization (LPDD)The LPDD online data platform provides more than 1000 model and actual federal, state, and local laws all in one location that legislatues can review, customize, and adopt to help in their goals to reduce GHG emissions.North America
Lipon GroupSustainable energy generators and storage system - Working on research projects supporting to SDG and government policies through sustainable education and sharing energy systems Asia
LO3EnergyLO3Energy is a peer-to-peer energy exchange platform leveraging blockchain technologies to support and accelerate the use of distributed energy resources and renewable energy across communities.North America
LocusLocus is a logistics planning tool that leverages AI to automate supply chains and delivery routes to increase efficiencies and reduce greenhouse gas emisisons. Asia and North America
Mangrove Science – Monitoring & Modeling with Remote SensingMapping of coastal disturbances to understand resilience and vulnerability in mangrove ecosystemsAfrica, North America, Asia
MapeoA free to use digital mapping toolset, with the primarily goal of empowering local communities to protect and defend their lands. Worldwide
Mapping AfricaLeveraging AI and satellite imagery, Mapping Africa produces high quality maps of croplands to increase the knowledge base, support informed decision making, and strengthen harvests. Africa
MappingForRightsThe initiative equips forest guardians with mobile devices and other low-cost tools to help them map, monitor, and protect their lands and forests. Africa
MaxarMaxar leverages digital tools such as satellite imagery, remote sensing, and machine learning to support forestry, agriculture and fisheries industries. Some applications include monitoring and detecting changes in environmental assets, monitoring of illegal practices and fishing ground conditions, and collecting field data such as soil conditions to increase precision farming. Global
Mercy Corps' AGRIFINAgrifin is promoting the digitization of the farming sector with small-scale farmers across different applications, including increasing access to finances, capacity and resilience building, and farming advisories.Africa & Asia
Meso-drought hub by CATIEThrough the Meso-drought hub, CATIE collects and provides existing drought data aiming to enhance the understanding of climate processes in the region.North America
Meta CarbonMeta Carbon uses blockchain technology to increase security and transparency of customers's carbon offset payments. Their online platform also allows customers to track and monitor their carbon offsets. Worldwide
MethaneSATMethaneSAT uses satellite imagery to locate and quantify methane emissions to help companies monitor, measure, and reduce their methane emissions.Worldwide
MezzanineMezzanine offers comprehensive solutions leveraging mobile phones and digital platforms to support smallholders and commercial farmers in Africa. For example, MyFarmWeb is a cloud-based web platform that allows a producer to capture agricultural information, from the ground to the market, into a system that aggregates and calibrates the data to assist in best practice decision-making. Africa
Mineral Mineral leverages AI to analyse agricultural data to help better understand agricultural systems and help reimagine and advance sustainable food production. Worldwide
Mosswe use geospatial analysis, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and Big Data to search for potential forest areas. With that, we join forces with landowners to develop projects that generate carbon credits by promoting environmental conservation and the development of local communities.South America
MRIDAThe International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has developed a mobile gaming app ‘MRIDA’ that helps smallholder farmers strategize climate-smart agricultural management practices to enhance soil carbon, which in turn enhances yield and builds resilience.Asia
my.FirstClimateAn online digital platform by First Climate to help companies calculate their carbon footprint, attain Energy Attribute Certificates, and offset emissions. Europe
mySociety/Declare a climate emergencymySociety empowers citizens to participate in decision making processes by increasing access to information and creating opportunities to communicate issues to local governments. The digital platform created for the Climate Assembly UK for example gathered over 100 citizens to collect insights on how the UK should move towards net zero. Europe
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) NARO in collaboration with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, NTT AgriTechnology Corporation, will promote the nationwide expansion of data-driven remote farming support project, by combining the system based on the experience and know-how of remote farming support using ICT owned by NTT East and NTT AgriTechnology Corporation and Knowledge of NARO experts and Agricultural Data Collaboration PlatformAsia
National Climate Change Metrics System (SINAMECC)An online climate change metrics platform to support Costa Rica to build capacity and monitor efforts within the country. South America
Nature 4 CitiesA comprehensive data platform for Nature Based Solutions (NBS) that provides technical solutions, methods, and the tools to manage stakeholder participation processes.Europe
Nature MapThe online Nature Map is an interactive map that combines data on biodiversity, carbon storage, and other nature services, to help decison makers identify the best conservation and restoration locations to promote Nature-Based-Solutions for climate change mitigation and ecosystem conservation.Worldwide
Nature-Based Solutions Policy Tracker by Nature4ClimateThe Nature-Based Solutions Policy Tracker is the first to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify legislation and investment plans for nature-based solutions (NBS) and to assess their effectiveness.Worldwide
NatureAlphaNatureAlpha provides insights on the nature and biodiversity footprint, risks and impacts of asset-level investment decisions. The NatureAlpha platform gives investors the information they need to reduce their exposure to biodiversity-related risk, and enable them to ensure that their investments have a net-positive impact on nature. Europe
Nautilus Labs Nautilus Labs is a technology partner that pioneers the decarbonization of the ocean supply chain. Their Green Charter uses machine learning and high frequency data to create dynamic charter party clauses that improve commercial outcomes, reduce fuel consumption and limit greenhouse gas emissions.North America, Europe, Asia
NCAR Solar Power Forecasting PartnershipUses AI and satellite imagery to forecast solar energy. North America
NCXNCX is a blockchain ledger that provides a marketplace for forest carbon payments.North America
NCX - America’s Forest Carbon MarketNCX connects corporations to the landowners, habitats, and communities they impact through our carbon marketplace. By drawing on our years of precision forest management, we enable net-zero leaders to purchase carbon credits with immediate, verifiable impact and landowners to quantify the full value of their forests. The Basemap forest dataset serves as the foundation of the Natural Capital Exchange (NCX) and is updated yearly by combining cutting-edge AI Bayesian methods and deep learning with satellite imagery, ground measurements, and forestry knowledge for increasing precision.North America
NespressoNespresso leverages the OpenSC platform to track the supply chain of their coffee bags. In addition to the increased transparency provided by OpenSC through blockchain & artificial intelligence, Nespresso also leverages this technology to ensure farmers recieve a premium payment for their work. Africa
NewClimate Climate Policy DatabaseThe NewClimate open access online database collates climate change mitigation policies mitigation to support policy analysis and inspire good practice. Worldwide
Nitidæ Lab Nitidæ Lab uses state-of-the art Earth observation technologies (optical and radar satellites, drones, machine learning algorithms, big data, etc.) and seeks to monitor, analyse and model the dynamics of landscapes and territories in order to improve the management of development projects and evaluate the socio-environmental impactsAfrica
NnergixNergix develops predictive algorithm anaytics for renewable energies through the integration of different data sources and machine learning to improve facility performance.Europe
NoriNori is a blockchain supported carbon market that sells verified and quantified carbon credits, converted from carbon sequestration recorded by farmers in North America. North America
Octopus EnergyOctoptus Energy leverages artificial intelligence to optimize their customers' energy usage by automating energy saving procedures.North America, Europe, Asia
OhmConnectOhmConnect's AI technology detects energy saving opportunities for clients and help them reduce energy consumption and redeem benefits for their emission reductions. North America
OmdenaThe team at Omdena provides innovative solutions to support agriculture, sustainability, renewable energy, and other sectors, by leveraging digital tools through machine learning and use of satellite imagery to name a few. Worldwide
OneWattSolarOneWattSolar installs, maintains, operates, and manages solar rooftop systems in a way that entails zero upfront cost. The digital clean technology backed aggregator company offers innovative off-grid ‘energy as a service’ (EaaS) payment solution at scale and speed. Our advanced technology capabilities in AI, IoT, big-data, machine learning and blockchain enables a unified platform for all stakeholders - solar companies, installers, investors, customers and energy users. The transparent digital platform will rapidly become a preferred provider of electricity and a host of additional services for residential customers.Africa
Open ClimateOpenClimate is developing a global and integrated climate accounting system using blockchain technology to help track and report carbon emission reductions and contribute towards the global stocktake of the Paris Agreement. Worldwide
Open Climate Fix - Forecasting ProjectLeveraging machine learning to combine satellite images, the Open Climate Fix - Forecasting Project provides "nowcasting - forecasting for the next hours" data on solar energy availability to reduce investment risk and increase usage of renewable energy. Europe
Open CorridorOpen Corridor's data-driven tools provide an end-to-end solution for building resilience in communities, the economy and the environment. Supporting governments and communities in building a low-carbon, climate-resilient, just, and inclusive future.Oceania, Europe, North America
Open ForestsOpen Forests leverages a series of digital tools, including an online data visualization platform and remote sensing, to support forest restoration projects by allowing local actors and investors to better monitor progress and assess impact. Europe
Open ForisOpen Foris provides a selection of open-source software tools for environmental data collection, earth system observation, monitoring, anaylsis, and reporting. The software made available leverages tools such as satellite imagery among others.Worldwide
Open InnovabilityOpen Innovability® is the crowdsourcing platform created by Enel for innovative and sustainable solutions. It has connected a community of 500,000 “active solvers” from over 100 different countries, who have proposed over 7,000 solutions. Anyone can contribute by sending challenge-driven solutions or spontaneous projects.Worldwide
Open-Source Climate (OS-C)OS-C is building an open data source that will combine data and modelling to build an AI powered physical-economic model to support vital applications needed to accelerate climate related investments worldwide, e.g scenario-based predictive analytic tools and investment products.Worldwide
OpenScOpenSc leverages a combination of digital tools including AI & machine learning, blockchain technologies, and remote sensing to help organizations trace, monitor, and verify their sustainability claims in their supply chains.Worldwide
OpenTEKOpenTEK is a free and open source technology to document, visualize and share local impacts of climate change. OpenTEK allows creating online platforms designed as progressive web-apps (PWA), in which users can visualize existing geolocalized data and contribute new data from any device and while in the field.World
OpowerOpower uses AI and behavioral science to provide targetted analysis data to consumers to encourage behavioural change and increase energy use efficiencies.Worldwide
OroecoOroeco is a mobile app that aims to incentivize individuals to reduce their carbon footprints by placing a carbon value on what they buy, eat, and do, and allows them to compare with neighbors and friends. Worldwide
OSFAC - Observatoire Satellital des Forêts d'Afrique CentraleOSFAC's primary objective is to support the management of natural resources and promote sustainable development by producing reliable land cover products, distributing satellite data, building capacity and providing technical assistance to partners.Africa
PachamaPachama leverages satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to monitor and validate carbon sequestration projects and provides a marketplace to buy and sell validated carbon credits. North America, South Amercia, Asia and Africa
Pacific PowerPacific Power's Home Energy Reports platform allows users to understand their energy usage and pinpoints ways to save.North America
PanoramaPanorama's online data platform visualizes carbon emissions in Sweden and evaluates how they can be reduced. The platform aims to support policy makers working towards the decarbonization of the country. Europe
Paris Equity CheckAn online tracking tool that assesses the level of equity across climate pledges within nationsWorld
PemPemPempem leverages mobile applications to help micro-enterprises increase efficiencies and sustainability of fragmented commodity supply chains. Asia
PlanetPlanet provides high quality satellite data, updated daily, on sectors such as forestry and agriculture to support sustainable decision making processes. Worldwide
Planet for the PlanetPlanet for the Planet's platform is a free software toolset to fund, manage and monitor forest restoration. They use satellite imagery, along with other on-site tools, to monitor and verify forest restoration.Worldwide
Planetary ComputerPlantetary Computer's data catalogue collates and provides open access to environmental monitoring data to support sustainability decision making processes. Worldwide
PoseidonPoseidon leverages AI and blockchain to calculate the carbon footprint of a product or service, and offsets these emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits with information stored using blockchain for transparency and accountability. Poseidon's reduce mobile application brings forward this service to retailers, allowing consumers to offset the carbon footprint of the products or services they are purchasing at the point of sale. Europe, Asia
PositiveBlockchainA database of projects leveraging blockchain technologies to generate positive social impact and solve some of our world’s burning problems.Worldwide
Power LedgerThe Power Ledger is a platform that uses bockchain technology to allow for trading renewable energy and environmental commodities. Australia
powerpeersPower peers is a community-based energy sharing platform where users can sell and buy renewable energy produced within the community using blockchain technologies. Europe
PSA BDP PSA BDP's sustainable solutions allow customers to increase efficiencies across their shipments. For example, the Smart Navigator, using big data and algorithms, provides customers with real-time and predictive data on routes and associated carbon footprint to help increase efficiencies. Worldwide
Qube TechnologiesQube leverages sensors and artificial intelligence to continuously monitor emissions at oil and gas industries to detect leaks and help reduce emisisons. North America
Rainforest ConnectionRainforest Connection helps prevent deforestation by using IoT monitoring devices to detect and alert forest protectors of illegal logging activity.North America, South America
Rainforest Foundation USRainforest Foundation supports Indigenous Peoples and organizations to protect their environments by providing trainings and tools such as smartphones, satellites, and drones.Central and South America
Rapid Flow TechnologyRapid Flow Technologies utilizes "Surtrac" an AI system to collect and analyze sensor and camera data from traffic lights to revolutionalize traffic control, increase efficiencies, and reduce emissions. North America
REexplorerRE Data Explorer is a geospatial analysis tool that leverages satellite data to analyze the potential of renewable energy in a given geographical area. Worldwide
ReFED Insights EngineAn online hub for data and solutions featuring the most comprehensive examination of food loss and waste in the United States – includes the Food Waste Monitor, Solutions Database, Solution Provider Directory, Impact Calculator, Capital Tracker, and Policy Finder.North America
Reforestum Reforestum sells traceable carbon credits, verified using remote sensing and artificial intelligence, on online platforms to support businesses and individuals achieve their climate goals. Worldwide
Regen NetworkRegen Network is an online platform that allows land owners to report and sell their ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration services, to buyers looking to offset or reduce their carbon footprint. Worldwide
Regreening Africa AppTo supoprt landscape restoration across the sub-Saharan Africa, the Regreening Africa App allows farmers and partners to collect and monitor data on tree growth and other restoration work carried by farmers on their lands.Africa
RegrowRegrow focuses on unleashing the potential of agriculture to mitigate climate change. Regrow leverages digital tools such as remote sensing and artificial intelligence to enhance field data collection and analyis to help verify, strengthen and scale resilient agricultural practicesNorth America
Remote Sensing SolutionsRSS - Remote Sensing Solutions is one of Germany’s leading value-adding companies in Earth Observation. Our services include satellite image processing, thematic mapping, environmental monitoring and spatio-temporal analyses. All our work is built upon cutting-edge remote sensing technology and advanced geographic information systemsWorldwide
ReneumReneum uses blockchain technology to build a carbon market from renewable energy producers. Asia
RepRiskRepRisk leverages machine learning to identify ESG risks and provide actionable insights to businesses, countries and real assets. It is the world's largest ESG database that continues to be regularly updated. Worldwide
Resource WatchResource Watch is an online data platform that provides trusted and timely information on hundreds of datasets on a wide range of natural resources and challenges (e.g climate change, water risk, pollution) and human well-being to support sustainability decision making. Worldwide
RESTECRESTEC collects data and imagery from satellites and other remote sensing technologies to aid decision making and environmental management processes. Asia
RestorRestor is an open data and collaborative platform to connect restoration actors across the world to each other, as well as to scientific data, supply chains, funding, and more, to support their work and increase impact. Worldwide
Rocky Mountain PowerUsing their digital portal, Rocky Mountain Power provides their customers an analysis of their energy consumption, encouraging consumers to reduce their energy consumption and increase savings. North America
SatelligenceUsing remote sensing such as satellite imagery and AI, Satelligence anaylses and tracks supply chains to assess risks and notify customers in order to reduce deforestation, land degradation, biodiversity loss, and more.Worldwide
Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC)Using our extensive array of advanced satellite sensors to acquire new imagery or use customer provided UAV imagery, we can provide you with unparalleled quality, and geospatial accuracy to support your 2D or 3D GIS projects. Mapping applications include precision agriculture mapping, land-cover classifications, change-detection from detailed VNIR, SWIR satellite imagery, hyperspectral analysis to initiate or update Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, and Computer Vision (CV) management systems.Global
Satellite VuAhigh-growth space tech company poised to help the globe address its sustainability challenges through high-resolution thermal imaging. We are on a quest to ensure any structure on the planet is energy efficient and support the reduction of businesses’ carbon footprint. In near real-time, we will use Infrared technology to monitor the Earth and will be able to assess and determine insights into economic activity. This will allow businesses to make decisions in order to become more environmentally friendly.Global
Scheider Electric GlobalLeveraging remote sensors, digital twins and other connected digital tools, Scheider Electric Global provides many digital solutions for electric power and distribution as well as energy usage in buildings to increase efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. Worldwide
Screaming PowerScreaming Power's Scream Utility is an AI and IoT backed mobile app that allows customers to track/monitor/analyze their hydro, water and gas consumption. It helps encourage cosumers to conserve energy consumption and track their progress and savings. North America
SE FireMapThe SE FireMap is a free interactive tool for conservation practitioners and the public. This v.1 product maps all detectable fires across nine states in the southeastern United States. The map and associated tools aim to improve fire management in urban and rural communities through remote sensing and track both prescribed fire and wildfires throughout portions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas - prioritizing coverage of the historic longleaf pine range.North America
Sentinel Asia Web SiteSentinel Asia, an international cooperation project launched with the aim of contributing to disaster management in the Asia-Pacific region using space technology. Among others, their Wildfire Working Group orks for the establishment and improvement of early forest fire detection based on G-Portal data, development of forest fire expansion forecasting and serving disaster assessment information to forest fire control agencies.Asia
SERVIR GLOBALSERVIR connects space to village by helping developing countries use satellite data to address critical challenges in food security, water resources, weather and climate, land use, and disasters.South America, Africa, Asia
SiemensUsing the MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy, Siemens helps to reduce energy wastage, lower CO2 emissions, minimize downtime, and improve asset management in ways that will add value to your organization.Worldwide
SIGNOLSIGNOL is an application and a digital platform that provides targetted data, including behavioural patterns, to pilots to help increase efficiencies and reduce fuel usage. North America and Europe
SilvaCarbonSilvaCarbon is an interagency technical cooperation program of the US Government to enhance the capacity of selected tropical countries to measure, monitor, and report on carbon in their forests and other lands. They use remote sesning, combined with national forest inventory and GHG inventory data to track how forests and their carbon storage are changing. North America, South America, Africa, Asia
SkyWatchThe SkyWatch platform connects commercial satellite imagery providers with organizations and solution providers who need to monitor areas and activities on our planet. We understand that the hardest part is getting data from space into the hands of those who need it, which is why we’ve built an end-to-end platform to make commercial satellite imagery more accessible for all.Worldwide
Smart Nation SingaporeWe’re using technology to plan, develop and manage HDB towns to create more efficient, sustainable and safe living environments for our people.Asia
Solar Impusle FoundationSolar Impulse Foundation's online platform provides over 1,000 sustainability solutions that businesses and other stakeholders can select to meet their green targets.Worldwide
SolarCoinTo help reduce costs of producing renewable energy, energy producers are rewarded with SolarCoins, a type of cyrptocurrency, which can be exchanged for government currencies or exchanged for goods and services. Worldwide
Solstice Ai Solstice Ai uses artificial intelligence to identify and forecast renewable energy generation sources – enabling more effective integration of renewables into the grid of the future.Pacific
Solve for Good Solve for Good is a platform for social good organizations that use data-driven projects to better achieve their missions to describe and submit problems that need data intensive help, and for volunteers to help solve those problems.Worldwide
Songs of Adaptation Songs of Adaptation combines high-quality bioacoustics and data analysis with community voices and knowledge in a multi-dimensional communication that bridges the divide between scientists and community members.Asia, South America
SP GroupThe SP app, encourages our customers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. With the app, customers can learn and manage their utilities consumption, analyse and reduce their carbon footprint, and get rewarded along the way.Asia
SpaceSenseUsing AI to analyse satellite crop monitoring data, SpaceSense helps farmers optimize agricultural practices and practice precision farming.Europe
SPOTTSPOTT is a free, online platform assessing commodity producers, processors and traders on their public disclosure regarding their organisation, policies, and practices related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Our SPOTT analysts score palm oil, tropical forestry, and natural rubber companies annually against 180 sector-specific ESG indicators to benchmark their progress over time. By tracking transparency, SPOTT incentivises the implementation of corporate best practice.Global
Standard Assessment of Agricultural Mitigation Potential and Livelihoods (SAMPLES)SAMPLES supports tropical countries measure agriculture greenhouse gas emissions and identify mitigation options compatible with food security. Their platform provides agricultural greenhouse has emission factors for diverse geographical regionsWorldwide
StormGeoLeveraging digital tools to provide live weather forecasting with improved accuracy to increase renewable energy production efficienciesWorldwide
StoveTraceStoveTrace allows households to accurately collect and communicate data on clean cooking stove usage through a mobile-based application and be rewarded for emissions avoided by carbon market investors who are able to verify these reductions on a web-based platform.United States
Streetlight DataStreetlight Data leverages IoT, sensors, AI, machine learning, and more to help optimize and increase efficiencies within the transport sector, for example by solving congestion and optimizing urban planning for pedestrian and bike infrastructure. North America
SUEZ in AsiaSuez leverages digital tools to provide solutions for the sustainable management of environmental resources and services in cities. Asia
sunchainSunchain is a community solar energy sharing platform, connecting producers and consumers to help increase the use of locally produced solar energy. Sunchain leverages blockchain to support transparent and secure exchange of energy. Europe
SunCultureSunCulture provides solar powered water irrigation services and uses AI and sensors to predict weather forecasts and help farmers understand irrigation requirements for thier lands.Africa
SunExchangeLeveraging blockchain technology, SunExchange allows individuals across the world to join as a member and buy solar cells to support the development of viable and reviewed solar projects in selected parts of the world. Worldwide
SustainCERTSustainCERT uses satellites, AI, & machine learning to help project developers and corporates quantify and accurately verify their carbon emissions.Worldwide
SWOSThe Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service (SWOS) uses satellite data to generate information on wetland ecosystems worldwide.Worldwide
SynspectiveSynspective provides one-stop-solutions by satellite gathered geospatial data. The core technology was developed by the ImPACT program led by The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, building small SAR satellites and constellations, allowing frequent observation of areas of interest (AOI). Synspective uses its satellites to produce SAR data which can be provided to both government and commercial clients as-is, as well as transform that data through AI solutions to produce insights and user-friendly information across industries.Asia
Tactile mobilityBy leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze big data from sensors, Tactile mobility helps drivers increase efficiencies in their driving techniques that can lead to an average fuel savings of 15-25%.Middle East, North America
TAMSATTAMSAT* enhances the capacity of African meteorological agencies and other organizations by providing and supporting the use of satellite-based rainfall estimates and related data productsAfrica
TerraformationTerraformation runs the world’s first biodiversity-focused forest carbon accelerator to help companies access reliable and transparent biodiverse carbon credits. Their Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator provides restoration teams with detailed and location-specific training, tools (their web app), and resources to reduce risks and overcome challenges. Their mobile app allows anyone to collect data in the field using a simple interface Access carbon credits from the most promising ecological restoration projects.Worldwide
The Carbon SourceThe Carbon Source is a data-sharing platform designed to be a leading source for satellite data on land, carbon, and climate, that aims to advise climate stabilization efforts and land-use decision making at local to global scales.Worldwide
The Climate Finance Tracker - U.SThis initiative tracks private investments and philanthropic grants to US based companies and non-profits for climate related projects and efforts. In doing so, the tracker helps identify gaps and trends in climate finance in the US. North America
The Emissions Dashboard by Maersk The Emissions Dashboard is a one-stop-shop to consolidate your emissions data across all carriers and transport modes. It is accredited by Smart Freight Centre (SFC) with an industry-leading calculation methodology that is in conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework. The dashboard provides increased visibility over ocean frieght emissions data and enables enhanced emissions reporting and optimisation across your logistics set up.Worldwide
The Freshwater TrustFreshwater conservation and restoration supported by innovation and digital tools. For example the StreamBank Monitoring App, a tablet-optimized application for collecting monitoring data in the field, and compiling that data for long-term analysis and reporting.North America
The Global Wetlands ProjectThe Global Wetlands Project (GLOW) elevates scientific understanding of critical issues facing coastal wetlands and builds various online tools to help address these issues. For example the Global Coastal Wetlands Index Web App allows users to compare the health status of coastal wetlands around the world while their Moreton Bay LIVE (MBL) tool automates analysis of underwater video footage in real time, while collecting and storing ecological data for research.Global
The Green Future IndexThe Green Future Index by MIT Technology Review measures the degree to which 76 countries and territories are progressing towards decarbonization. The online platform can help policy makers and other stakeholders assess current situations and gear up efforts towards a cleaner economy. Worldwide
The Iberdrola groupThe Iberdrola group, through its subsidiary in Spain, has completed the process of digitising its distribution network in the country with the installation of more than 10.8 million digital meters and their supporting infrastructure, as well as the adaptation of around 90,000 transformation centres, to which remote management, supervision and automation capabilities have been added. This transformations supports the decarbonisation of the economy, improving the efficiency of the network, optimising demand management and promoting the integration of more renewable energies and electric mobility.Europe
The Kayapo ProjectThe Kayapo project uses remote sensing and satellite imagery technology to help Kayapo Indigenous Peoples to monitor and protect their forest lands.South America
The Sourcing Transparency Platform (STP) has been developed by the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) to provide a platform that showcases IPNLF's supporting members who are represented throughout the one-by-one supply chain. Worldwide
ThuruThuru is a mobile application that incentizes citizens to plant trees and allows them to monitor and obtain a status on trees planted. Asia
Tierras IndigenasAn interactive map and online platform that is supported by knowledge and expertise from Global Forest Watch and Indigenous groups, to allow Indigenous communities to map the extent of their lands and help them secure legal status of their lands and resources. South America
TMA | Third Millennium AllianceTMA is preserving and restoring the most endangered rainforest on earth and use drones and satellite imagery to help measure tree growth and carbon sequestration
TraceMarkTraceMark is an end-to-end sustainable sourcing platform designed to help businesses account for sustainability targets. They use data from Google Earth to aggregate and harmonise planetary data into location images, then it adds specific boundary maps and uses climate data science and machine learning to see where and how suppliers are affecting production sites. Worldwide
TraceX TraceX is a blockchain-powered traceability software that enhances food supply chain visibility to build trust and maximize long term value for your businessAsia
Transition ZeroTransition Zero uses satellite imagery, machine learning and financial modelling to gather real-time insights to inform businessess and policy makers with the necessary information to transition towards zero carbon solutions.Europe,
TraseTrase collates publicly available data in their online platform to show linkages between consumer markets and deforestation. By increasing transparency of deforestation driven commodities, Trase provides actionable data to help companies reduce risk and deforestation.Europe
TraSeable TraSeable leverages innovative technologies to help the fisheries and agriculture sectors in developing countries strengthen market access, create new value for their products, and provide end-to-end traceability.Our blockchain-ready software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform fosters collaboration between stakeholders, leverages and integrates Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and facilitates transparency by providing regulators with the means of verifying and validating end-to-end forward and backward traceability of fisheries and agriculture products.Oceania
TraverseTraverse leverages AI to optimize wind energy production and automates tedious tasks to support the forecasting, monitoring, and measurement processes within wind energy production. Worldwide
TREELIONTREELION is a blockchain platform that hopes to unlock and scale green digital finance and create green digital ecosystems.Asia
TruValue LabsTruvalue Labs leverages AI to assess corporate data and identify opportunities to improve ESG performance and reduce risks. Worldwide
TYPO3 Exception EU-funded project EMB3Rs aims to add value to waste heat and help make better use of renewable energy sources. A novel tool, to be developed by May 2023, will allow energy-intensive industries and other excess heat and cold sources to explore ways of reusing their excess thermal energy. Users, like industries that produce waste heat, will provide the essential parameters, such as their location and the available excess thermal energy. End users such as energy communities will be able to determine the costs and benefits of industrial excess heat and cold utilisation routes and define the requirements for implementing the most promising solutions. Matching excess heat providers with end-users will enable win-win partnerships and reduce CO2 emissions.Europe
UN Biodiversity Lab 2.0The UN Biodiversity Lab (UNBL) collates global spatial data in an open platform to support the monitoring, conservation and sustainable management of natural landscapes. Worldwide
Universal Carbon (UPCO2)UPCO2 is a tradable carbon token, linked to rainforest protection, supported by blockchain technologies. Users can buy, sell, or hold carbon tokens on the platform. Worldwide
University of Chicago Machine Learning and Satellite Imaging to Reduce Methane EmissionsThe project will work to monitor and measure methane emissions in the gas and oil industries of Colorado by leveraging machine learning and satelllite imagery. North America
UpLinkUpLink is a digital platform that provides a collaborative space for actors working in global issues to connect with experts and accelerators across the world to work together and strengthen and scale sustainability work. Worldwide
Urban RadarUrban Radar is an online digital platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide urban planners with real-time mobility and infrastructure data to assist planning on mobility and congestion reduction strategies. North America, Europe
Utiligize- Flexibility Mapper Using AI and public data sources, Flexibility Mapper, predicts the impact of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) (e.g electric cars, heat pumps, solar panels, etc) on the energy grid to help utility planners strategize and build sustainable infrastructure for the future. Europe
VeChain Digital Carbon EcosystemVeChain's Digital Carbon Ecosystem is a blockchain and IoT powered carbon reduction platform. Using sensors and IoT, it collects and uploads carbon reduction data from energy efficient devices belonging to users on the VeChain blockchain. Once verified and converted to carbon credits, individuals can use these credits to pay for services and products from participating enterprises. Worldwide
VerdigrisVerdigris attaches sensors to energy meters in a building to collect granular data and identify energy inefficiencies and improve energy efficiency investment. North America
VeridiumLeveraging blockchain technology, Veridium Labs automates the environmental impact accounting process and creates a global marketplace for digitized environmental assets. Worldwide
Veritone Energy SolutionsVeritone's real-time predictive AI for smart grid optimization and resilience service is helping energy producers and users transition to more reliable and sustainable energy efficiently. North America, Europe
Village Data AnalyticsVIDA creates digital twins of selected cities or regions to recognize viable opportunities for sustainability investments in the market and help investors make data driven decisions. Africa, Asia
Wabtec CorporationWabtec combines decades of industrial leadership with cutting-edge software and digital technologies to create an efficient, productive and reliable transportation ecosystem. We help railroads, shippers, miners, ports and terminals unlock productivity, advance sustainability, and create pathways to optimized operations North America
Wärtsilä Energy Transition LabAn online open data platform tool that provides users with data on energy production, demand, and pricing within the European Union. It helps understand how energy markets are changing and also helps to model how the industry will fare in the future under a higher proportion of renewable energy. This can help highlight policy gaps and future areas of focus for energy providers and policy makers.Europe
WattTimeWattTime leverages AI to automatically switch consumers to cleaner energy sources whenever possible.North America
weADAPTweADAPT is an online 'open space' on climate adaptation issues. It allows practitioners, researchers and policy-makers to access credible, high-quality information and connect with one another.Worldwide
WepowerWepower is blockchain-based digital platform that sells renewable energy tokens to investors who wish to support renewable energy projects or offset emissions. Europe & Oceania
WILDLABS.NETWILDLABS is home to the global conservation technology community of 6,000 people in 120 countries discussing 1,200 topics like biologging, camera traps, and machine learning. With engaging spaces to ask questions and collaborate together, share your own work, and discover new ideas and innovations, WILDLABS is your platform to connect with #Tech4Wildlife experts and projects from around the world.Worldwide
WTP (Wood Tracking Protocol)WTP (Wood Tracking Protocol) uses blockchain technology to bring transparency and traceability to the wood industry in South America, and help to save the Amazonia.South America
XpansivXpansiv is a digital global marketplace for ESG-inclusive commodities that uses blockchain to bring transparency to the markets to meet the challenges of an information-rich, yet resource-constrained world.Worldwide
Yale OpenSolarYale OpenSolar leverages blockchain technologies to provide financial aid to local communities to support the adoption of solar energy practicesSouth America
ZEnMo simulations Virtual labsVirtual labs that use AI & big data analytics to simulate and assess future energy demand in a region to help urban planners strategize how to move towards zero emissions energy supply and transport. Europe

Database Statistics*

Digital Climate ProjectsGrand Total
Total Number of Projects368
Actor TypeSum of Actors
Academic and Research Institute18
Civil Society90
Partnership 65
Private Sector185
Regional Union3
Identified Technology GroupsProjects Total
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning121
Remote Sensing175
Mobile applications and digital platforms240

*Please note: projects within the database have been analyzed and categorized using information found online (e.g on websites or press releases). We welcome any comments or suggestions for improvements on the provided analyses as we grow and update the database.

Database Methodology

A systematic methodology was adopted to develop the database. The methodology underwent review and improvements at several stages by experts to include more geographically diverse projects, particularly from the global south. For information on the methodology, please download the full database version. The database will continue to be updated via the public call for projects, and be maintained and improved by Sustainability in the Digital Age and Future Earth.

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Sustainability in the Digital Age and Future Earth in partnership with ClimateWorks Foundation developed the Digital Climate Projects Database as part of the Re-imagining Climate Governance in the Digital Age Project. To explore the rapidly evolving space of digital technology and climate governance, this larger project looked at the challenges and opportunities of using digital tools to accelerate climate action through a series of expert consultations, a literature review, and an analysis of the Digital Climate Projects Database. Using the data collected, a strategic framework was created to help guide actors to develop transformative, inclusive, and sustainable climate solutions.

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