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CSPC Editorial Series: Op-Ed on the Federal Research Support System

June 14, 2023

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Are you passionate about support for Canadian Research?

Our new editorial advocates for increasing support to boundary organizations that amplify interdisciplinary education to address critical societal challenges.

“Interdisciplinary education and research programs by design fall outside of traditional educational disciplines. As such, they often require new institutional structures to ensure their successful delivery and long-term viability. This is where academic boundary organizations – those that act as a bridge between traditional academic institutions and key communities outside of academia – can play an essential role in scaling up the societal impact of interdisciplinary education.”

Published as part of the Editorial Series by the Canadian Science Policy Centre.

We invite you to read the article on the CSPC website:


Andréa Ventimiglia, Advancements Manager, Future Earth Canada & Sustainability in the Digital Age
Advancements Manager

Odile Joblin, LEADS Program Coordinator, Concordia University & Sustainability in the Digital Age

Damon Matthews, Professor in Climate Science and Sustainability, LEADS Director, Concordia University