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Sustainability in the Digital Age hosts the Future Earth Canada Hub. Our integrated team works together on local, national, and international projects related to global sustainability. You can explore our collaborative work under the three sections: Research & Innovation, Policy & Best Practices, and Training & Networks.

The Future Earth Canada Hub mobilizes a network of Canadian innovators, collaborating across disciplines and sectors, to advance sustainability transformations in Canada and around the world. The Future Earth Canada Hub in Montreal has been supported by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec since 2015. We complement Future Earth global programming through local projects with our research networks, private and public partner institutions, and the broader community. Our Canada Hub forms part of the global Future Earth Secretariat and contributes to Future Earth’s vision of a sustainable and equitable world for all, where societal decisions are informed by openly-accessible and shared knowledge.

Future Earth Canada Hub is a registered not-for-profit corporation in Canada.

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Future Earth Canada Hub also has an equivalency to 501(c)(3) status in the United States as certified by NGOsource.

What we do

The Canada Hub supports Canadian sustainability scientists in three key ways:

Three overlapping circles. One teal with the words "Facilitate Research and Innovation," one green with the words "Build and Mobilize Networks," and one purple with the words "Shape the Global Narrative."

Facilitate research and innovation

Our 27 Global Research Networks explore interactions among humans and the planet’s land, air, water, and biodiversity. We develop and partner on initiatives like the Earth Commission and the Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability convened by Future Earth that work to develop science-based targets for systems like land, water, and biodiversity.

Build and mobilize networks

Our vast, transdisciplinary networks link policy, business, and civil leaders with researchers to address key nexus issues, like urbanization, water resources, land-use change, emergent risks, and sustainable production and consumption. Together with the Belmont Forum, Future Earth organizes and hosts the SRI Congress, an annual transdisciplinary gathering of scientists, leaders, innovators, and researchers–the largest global gathering in the sustainability science space.

Shape the narrative

We help incorporate the latest science into global decision-making and engage in conversations on sustainability solutions. By filling critical gaps in knowledge through transdisciplinary research, our network helps businesses, cities, and governments set meaningful, science-based targets and work toward effective solutions to issues of sustainability. Our 10 New Insights in Climate Science and award-winning Anthropocene Magazine offer key takeaways and insights to spark new conversations and guide decision-making.

Connecting local and global networks

From Canada, we coordinate with Global hubs in Africa, France, Sweden, Japan, Taipei, China, South Asia, and the United States, along with a constellation of Regional and National offices to help generate and share the knowledge needed to support global transformations towards sustainability.

The city of Montreal, with its four world-class universities, a concentration of multilateral policy and research institutions, and a thriving AI sector, offers a vibrant ecosystem to promote this work throughout our Canadian network.

Canadian representation in Future Earth global research projects
Data collected from public sources, August 2020.

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Get involved with the Future Earth Canada Hub community

Whether you’re a scientist, research institution, student, or civil society member, there is a way to become involved in the Canada Hub community.

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Become an institutional partner

We are working to expand our network of institutional partners across Canada to support local activities and research. The partnership also includes access to Future Earth’s global research networks and programming.

Contact communications@sustainabilitydigitalage.org for more details.

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Training opportunities

The Canada Hub regularly organizes workshops, training events, and webinars. Check out our events page for upcoming opportunities.

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