Marie d’Acremont

Marie d’Acremont


What I believe to be a fundamental aspect of nurturing a sustainable society is the sharing of knowledge through communication and education. Bridging the gap between natural and social sciences whilst bringing in Indigenous perspectives is essential to ensure we are approaching the complexity of issues we are facing with a holistic approach. Basic scientific knowledge also enables us to reflect more simply by observing and learning to care for nature.

Marie has worked with several management teams over the years to implement and streamline administrative processes. Her versatile skills have enabled her to wear multiple hats and gain experience in multiple aspects of the organization (HR, communications and finance). As coordinator for Future Earth – Canada and Sustainability in the Digital Age, Marie contributes to the dissemination of knowledge sharing by producing French versions of key communication products. She plays a significant role in administering the annual grants for Future Earth’s Global Research Networks (GRN) and in the development of a funding strategy for the network. She is also the UNEP focal point for Future Earth and member of the Advisory Committee of UNESCO’s International Year for Basic Sciences.

She holds a BSc in Sociology from Kingston University, London UK and an MSc in Environmental Sciences from l’Université du Québec à Montréal. 

Passionate about the links between human society and the environment, as well as having a keen interest in medicinal plants, Marie is also a tennis player and enjoys hiking around the beautiful landscapes of Quebec.

What Marie recommends

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