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The Future Economy: Montreal at the Nexus of Sustainability and Digital Innovation

June 1, 2021

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What is the future of Sustainability in the Digital Age in Canada?

In this new interview with, Executive Director Dr. Éliane Ubalijoro discusses Montreal’s role as a global hub for sustainability and artificial intelligence research and our role within this unique ecosystem helping to drive transformative systems change for a climate-safe, sustainable, and equitable world.

We launched the Montreal Statement on Sustainability in the Digital Age and we have a number of signatories around Montreal. We are looking to grow a new social contract for the digital age that includes everyone, to help accelerate open and transparent access to data and knowledge, and to grow prosperous economies that respect people’s privacy. Public-private collaborations are going to be very critical in the digital age to help us achieve the SDGs by 2030. Montreal is a great place for research and innovation and so we look at our work growing at that interface. This is very important for us because we also see that targeted communication is really important to accelerate digital and climate literacy locally and globally. We are looking to engage and educate people so that we will have a climate-literate and digitally-literate world to help us accelerate the agendas related to digitization and sustainability.

Dr. Éliane Ubalijoro, Executive Director of Sustainability in the Digital Age.


The thriving collaborative environment and network of experts in Montreal have greatly enabled institutions and researchers here to attract key talent and initiate much-needed projects to help advance the sustainability agenda. With strong commitment from the government, Canada and Montreal are set to become leaders in this field.

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