Nilushi Kumarasinghe

Nilushi Kumarasinghe

Research Associate

Nilushi works as a Research Associate at Sustainability in the Digital Age (SDA) as well as a Science Officer at Future Earth. She is also part of the Coordination Team for CODES (Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability), and acts as the CODES focal point for SDA and Future Earth. She holds experience in research, knowledge dissemination, and project coordination. She has over 5 years of experience working in climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainable development. She holds a MSc in Environment and Resource Management from VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Southampton (United Kingdom). Nilushi has predominantly worked in the INGO sector with organizations such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Wetlands International and different entities within the United Nations system. Prior to this, Nilushi worked as a Sustainability Strategy Consultant developing tools to help strengthen the role of the private sector in sustainable development.

What Nilushi likes to study

  • Climate governance in the digital age
  • Application of digital technology for climate action
  • Climate safe and just digital transformations
  • Sustainability transformations 
  • Decolonizing climate governance

What Nilushi recommends

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