Rachelle Fox

Rachelle Fox

Digital Communications Officer

We are all one good story away from experiencing a different world. Stories shape the world, our worlds. The narratives we believe become the reality we live. So if we want to change our realities, we need to change our narratives. This is what drives Rachelle in her work as the Digital Communications Officer for Sustainability in the Digital Age and the Canada Hub of Future Earth. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need global participation and collaboration. We need a multiplicity of voices and narratives woven together, crafted together. Visual stories, written stories, audio stories, multimedia stories, oral stories. Stories of failure, stories of success, stories of resilience. Stories that inspire action. Stories that cultivate compassion. Stories that allow us to learn and to grow and to bloom. What is your story?

Rachelle holds a B.A. in Journalism and Études françaises and an M.A. in Littératures francophones et résonances médiatiques from Concordia University. Her master’s research-creation project explored the intersection of theatre and social media with a specific focus on the ways people communicate and behave in digital spaces. She’s passionate about technology, sustainability, and… storytelling. Rachelle is also an artist and avid snowshoer.

What Rachelle recommends

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