Research & Innovation

We investigate ways to scale and steer digital disruptions within environmental, social, and economic systems, so we can transform our world. Check out our actions for a sustainable and equitable future!

Smallholder potato farmer harvesting in Kenya

Data Driven Insight for Sustainable Agriculture (DISA)

Regenerating landscapes for healthier food systems through partnerships and technology.

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Landscape from Canada with turquoise river and pine forest either side. Mountain in the background.

Equitable futures for Nature-based Solutions (NbS)

Understanding the state of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and the pathways to unleashing their potential to meet 30×30 by centering them around Indigenous management and digital innovation.

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Screenshot of Digital Climate Projects Database home page. Background image: View of a bay with dark blue water and curving brown headland. Blue sky and in the foreground a mass of white and yellow flowers.

Digital Climate Projects Database

Explore our database to see how innovators around the world are using digital technologies for climate action.

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Dark blue background with photo of the Earth taken from space (NASA photo credit.) On the left side of the graphic there are 8 small photos representing global risks. 1. Aerial photo of flooding. 2. Medical clinic with patients with masks on. 3. Cyber criminal in front of computers. 4. Blazing wildfire. 5. Storm damaged electrical pole fallen on street. 6. Screenshot of stocks crashing (economic risks.) 7. View of heavily polluted air over city. 8. Aerial view of burned/deforested forest.

Global Risks Perceptions Initiative

How we perceive risk affects how we act on it. The Global Risks Perceptions Initiative expands the dialogue on global risks, aiming to shine light on emerging threats and potential solutions.

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Illustration of a beautiful landscape with birds flying in the fky, the sun shining, butterflies, and a moose. Text: Biodiversity thriving looks like... peace, birds flying across the sky, movement and migration, long grass in the wind, a cacophony of song birds and bugs at dusk, old growth forest, abundance.

Biodiversity Pathways for Sustainability in Canada

Exploring ways to preserve biodiversity in Canada, considering policy actions, Indigenous Knowledge and global responsibilities.

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Illustration of a collective intelligence workflow. Starts with a globe and people. Text: "Diverse perceptions of societal trends." Next step is a prism shape. Text: Collective foresight exercise - identify expectations of societal trends." Next step is an ellipse with colours flowing through it from the prism. Text: "Drivers - identify main classes of drivers of change." Final Step are the outcomes. Text: "Sustainability trajectories - identify alternative futures."

Collective Intelligence

Synthesizing knowledge from a diversity of stakeholders to help inform decision-making.

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Cover image from D^2S Agenda Report. Left half is dark teal colour. Right half is an image of a climate action march with a foreground image of a placard thar reads: "System Change NOT Climate Change."

The Digital Disruptions for Sustainability (D^2S Agenda)

Opportunities and challenges of the digital age – disrupting economic, governance, and cognitive systems to steer and scale sustainable change.

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