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Research Assistants

Wynona Acco-Barron is a research assistant at Sustainability in the Digital Age and Future Earth and a BSc student in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences at Concordia University. She joins the Landscape Analysis team with a focus on bridging the gap of Indigenous and western sciences in the application of Nature-based Solutions and Nature Climate Solutions. She has also aided in the carbon rights project with the Conservation Through Reconciliation Partnership, which seeks to delineate rights and identify opportunities for Indigenous communities in carbon offset projects. In an effort to reconnect with her late grandmother’s Métis heritage, she looks forward to strengthening her connection to the land and advancing sustainable and equitable futures for Indigenous Peoples.

Poonam Maskeri is an environmental scientist with a passion for multi-disciplinary, collaborative climate solutions that bring domain experts, policy makers and local communities together to push for systemic change. She is currently working as a research assistant for Sustainability in the Digital Age and Future Earth,  as part of the Data-driven Insights in Agriculture (DISA) and Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) projects. She has a B.Sc from McGill University in Environmental Sciences and Agriculture, specializing in Renewable Resource management. Her cross-sectoral work experience ranges from geospatial analysis and habitat modelling for wetland conservation, to most recently, helping a start-up company design and launch courses on ESG and Sustainable finance. She also initiated an urban habitat restoration program for pollinators at Net Impact Montreal, an environmental non-profit organization, to promote integrating biodiverse green spaces in cities and she hopes to help build sustainable cities.


Emily Zahirovic

Jonathan Wilansky

Erin Gleeson


Research Assistants

Mélisande Teng is a PhD student in Computer Science at Mila/Université de Montréal and is passionate about using machine learning as a tool to tackle societal and environmental challenges. She is currently working on biodiversity monitoring using satellite images and citizen science data, and on an educational tool to visualize the impacts of climate change. Prior to Mila, she worked in the fields of public health, environment and democracy. She completed a MSc degree in Engineering and Applied Mathematics at Ecole Centrale Paris, a MSc in Management and Social Entrepreneurship at ESSEC Business school, and a Master’s degree in Machine Learning at Ecole Normale Supérieure. As part of the Leadership in Environmental and Digital Innovation for Sustainability- LEADS fellowship program, she joins Future Earth/ Sustainability in the Digital Age on the initiative CODES (Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability). She also likes sharing her knowledge through teaching and mentoring, playing music and drawing.

Ilse Esparza was a research assistant at Sustainability in the Digital Age and Future Earth, where she mainly worked on the Data-driven insight for sustainable agriculture (DISA) project, the Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES), and the Landscape Analysis initiatives. In these projects, Ilse contributed in diverse ways to advance research on climate resilience food systems (Africa), ocean conservation (Latin America), and digital sustainability (Canada). She holds a master’s degree in Renewable Resources from McGill University and a BSc in biology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Ilse is interested in sustainable development, wildlife conservation, chemical contamination, and ornithology. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her own research and her environmental edtech startup.


Abigail Chamberlin

Alexandra Engler

Allison Pamela Yataco Marquez

Beatrice Ayinkamiye

Edel Galgon

Hammed Akande

Katia Forges

Kayden Schwartz

Marie-Janvière Uwayo

Martin Deron

Paola Fajardo

Ryan Collins

Megan Joyce

Raphaëlle Tseng

Rylan Boothman

Stephanie Eccles

Timothy Law 

Laetitia Pfeffer

Titouan Greffe

Breanna Byrd

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