Seeking Positive Examples of Digitally-Enabled Climate Action

October 20, 2021

Reading time: 1 minute

Innovators around the world are increasingly leveraging digital technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and satellites to accelerate and scale climate action. But the intersection of digital technology and climate is rapidly evolving.  This needs to be better understood by groups who are funding and supporting climate action to make sure impacts are sustainable, just, and inclusive. 

Building a database: To navigate this evolving landscape, we are building a database of initiatives leveraging digital technology for climate action. This database includes initiatives that: 

  1. Help reduce the sources or increase the sinks of greenhouse gas emissions; 
  2. Leverage digital tools, and; 
  3. Aim to influence, impact, or inform governmental and non-governmental decision making processes. 

So far, we’ve identified nearly 200 initiatives, but we need your help to find even more before we publish the database! 

To add your organization to the database of digitally enabled climate initiatives or if you want to learn more about this project, please fill out the form or contact Nilushi Kumarasinghe at

Project context: Sustainability in the Digital Age (SDA), together with Future Earth and ClimateWorks Foundation, are leading the Re-Imagining Climate Governance in the Digital Age project. The project aims to identify transformative opportunities for digital technology in climate action and how funding communities can help accelerate and scale this work (read our latest web article on “How digital age transformations can accelerate climate action.”) By convening diverse actors in finance, digital innovation, and climate, we aim to reduce the disconnect between communities and create opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaborations, and new funding mechanisms. The database of digitally-enabled climate action initiatives will further inform the project and guide funding communities across the world on how they can work with other actors to support digitally enabled climate initiatives. 

Share your experiences: What are the main challenges that you faced when growing your digitally enabled climate initiative(s)? Contribute to this quick survey (5 minutes) to share your experiences and rate responses entered by others based on how important you feel they are.