Watch: Coronavirus Crisis, Systems Solutions

March 18, 2020

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Important video discussion with Andy Revikin featuring the D^2S Agenda in the context of systems approaches to global threats and coronavirus.

YouTube description:

“Like an invisible microbial tsunami, the first grand pandemic of the 21st century is up-ending everything in its path. The scale of the unfolding social and economic disruption and direct impacts on lives, businesses and institutions is still almost impossible to grasp. And the main task right now is a scramble to limit impacts with the tools at hand, from Zoom to community lockdowns to a vaccine race. Yet the moment also requires a dispassionate backward step to gauge ways to avoid simply rebuilding systems that will be brittle to the next hard knock from nature or unforeseen consequences of humanity’s technological spring.

Here two experts who combine wide-sale systems awareness with boots-on-ground experience weigh in on next steps for societies and individuals.

Amy Luers is Executive Director of Future Earth, a global hub for sustainability research and action, a former Director of Climate at Skoll Global Threats Fund, Assistant Director of Climate Resilience and Information at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Senior Environmental Program Manager at Google.

Read the new report Luers shepherded: ‘Digital Disruptions for Sustainability (D^2S Agenda)

Col. Mark ‘Puck’ Mykleby, USMC (Ret.) – a Career Marine officer and F/A-18 pilot with extensive experience in land-based and sea-based operations and unique experience as a strategist developing national level strategies for the United States Marine Corps, Special Operations, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His post-military career has been focused on demonstrating how the business community can lead a national transition to a more prosperous, secure, and sustainable future.

Read this essential book Mykleby co-authored: ‘The New Grand Strategy’

Watch this fantastic 2011 Poptech plenary talk by Mykleby and Wayne Porter his partner in the Joint Chiefs report ‘Mr. Y.’, US Navy Captain Wayne Porter:

Publisher: Andrew Revkin. YouTube channel: @AndrewRevkin