Watch: How Digital Disruptions Are Changing Our Social and Environmental Systems

March 13, 2024

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YouTube description

“This panel invites speakers to explore how digital transformations are impacting everyday human interactions and what that means for environmental sustainability. From music to social media, researchers on campus are asking questions like: How can the arts influence the sustainability of a community and how does digital innovation mediate that interaction?

Speakers include:

  • Sabine Bergler: Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia.
  • Damon Matthews: Professor Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, as well as Program Director of the NSERC Create Leadership in Environmental and Digital Innovation for Sustainability (LEADS) program and Scientific Co-Director of Sustainability in the Digital Age (SDA).
  • Baron Tymas: Associate Professor in the Department of Music at Concordia.
  • Moderator Micheline Ayoub is Global Hub Director (Canada) of Future Earth and Executive Director of Sustainability in the Digital Age.”

Publisher: 4TH SPACE Concordia University. YouTube channel: @CU4thSpace