Watch: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in International Cooperation and Development

January 8, 2024

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YouTube description

“Join IDRC and Cooperation Canada for a webinar on the role of Artificial Intelligence in International Cooperation and Development. This event will serve as part one of a learning series that IDRC and Cooperation Canada are hosting for Canadian actors working in international development and humanitarian assistance to deepen their understanding of the issues and explore the risks and opportunities of AI in development. Matt Smith and Gillian Dowie from IDRC’s Education and Science Program will give an ‘AI 101’ presentation and set the scene for a panel discussion with other Canadian organizations – Micheline Ayoub, Executive Director of Sustainability in the Digital Age, and Brian Ritchie, Founder and CEO of, a Canadian Indigenous company working on AI – to share their respective reflections on AI.”

Publisher: IDRC | CRDI. YouTube channel: @IDRCCRDI