Wendy Kuo

Wendy Kuo

Finance and Human Resources Manager

Wendy Kuo joined Sustainability in the Digital Age and Future Earth Canada Hub in 2021 as Project Manager in charge of the National Dialogue Series, successfully delivering seven virtual cross-nation events in collaboration with the Canadian Science Policy Centre with the goal of identifying the role of digital innovations to accelerate Canada’s progress in sustainable development toward the United Nations 2030 Agenda. In the spring of 2022, Wendy was assigned to her current role as Finance and Human Resources Manager for both organizations, responsible for the management of all grant/bank accounts and budgeting as well as the onboarding of new employees. Wendy possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition from McGill University and over ten years of experience in office management and administration.

What Wendy likes to study

As the world is critically facing environmental challenges and global warming due to the rapid rise in greenhouse gas emissions, our actions and efforts toward a net-zero future have become imperative. One of Wendy’s key interests is the role that carbon accounting can play in guiding companies and countries to meet carbon-neutrality.

What Wendy recommends

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