Global Risks Perceptions Initiative

Global Risks Perceptions Report 2021

2nd Edition

Future Earth’s Global Risks Perceptions Initiative strives to capture and analyze the perceptions on global risks of different scientific communities. By bringing together multiple viewpoints on risks, this initiative aims to spark and inform a pluralistic dialogue around risks that draws on a diversity of experience and knowledge.

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Global Risks Perceptions Report 2021– Key Messages


Scientists systematically ranked likelihood and impact of global risks higher than members of business and economic communities.

All surveyed communities rated environmental risks among the most urgent global risks humanity faces today and as highly interconnected with other global risks.

Technological risks are now seen as more likely to occur, compared to earlier findings.

Five risks emerge as most likely to form an interconnected cluster of risks and lead to a global systemic crisis: failure to take climate action – biodiversity loss – infectious disease – extreme weather events – human environmental damage.

Scientists highlighted the need to prioritize inequality as a standalone risk in assessments and perception analyses.

Business and science communities are only two groups of many more with perspectives relevant to dialogues about global risks. There is a continued need to learn from each other and build a global community around mitigating risks.

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